[READ FIRST]How to apply

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[READ FIRST]How to apply

Post by #DeeN on Wed Dec 23, 2015 6:03 pm

Staff Application Format:


Well,if you would like to become part of the STORM staff team, feel free to post a staff apply.
We will not write "Denied" or "Accepted" in any application. If the application gets accepted you will be contacted by a Staff Manager In-Game. If you realy want to be part of Staff team, you must fill every field in the application, although, this doesn't mean it will be accepted.
You are not allowed to post in application topics like "Good Luck!" or "You realy deserve it!!".

Remember:You need 10 Hours+ for apply

Application Format:

TGC:RPG Application Format:

-Personal Info-

Ingame Name:
Account Name:
Real Name:
First Language:
Others Languages:
English SKills(0/10):

Video Editing:

Past Bans:
Past TGC group you were in:
Other servers you play:
Previous Staff Experience(Server Name - Rank):

-About You-
Why you are good for the server:
Why we should accept you:

Use this title:[Staff Application] - Your Name


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